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The Seminary of the Soul

I was nervous. This meeting was the culmination of nearly three years of struggling with this issue. Many tears, numerous days of prayer and agonizing fearful thoughts culminated at this gathering. I entered the meeting, with notes in my hand, and sat at a table with three Ph.D.s: The Academic Dean, the Dean of Students, and the tenured professor of Evangelism, all of whom would decide my fate as a student at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (TEDS). Let me take you back to what brought me to this fateful meeting. I began my first year at TEDS immediately after completing my B.A. at Gordon College. I graduated, got married, and packed up our Honda Civic with a rooftop carrier and headed out on a one way journey to the greater Chicago area for my seminary career. My wife and I were both young, excited and hopeful. Only God knew what was in store for us, and that was fine by me. I signed up for my core classes, among which was Evangelism 101 . As we began the course, the evangelism pro