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A Tale of Two Kings

    Gaius Octavius was born in 63 BC amidst not-so-humble beginnings. He was born at Ox Head, a property on the Palatine Hill into an old and wealthy equestrian family. The historian Suetonius comments, "There are many indications that the Octavian family was in days of old a distinguished one at Velitrae.” His father was the former governor of Macedonia; his mother, Atia, the niece of Julius Caesar. After his father died, Atia married his stepfather Lucius Marcius Philippus, a former governor of Syria, who claimed descent from Alexander the Great and was himself an elected consul.      Most remarkable for the boy was his great uncle Julius Caesar naming him his adopted son and heir. This meant that Octavius would inherit Caesar's name, estate, and the loyalty of his legions. He would use his incredible wealth to maneuver himself into power in days ahead.      After his rise to emperor, Octavius would compile an astounding resume of accomplishments. He was the first Roman empe

Crossroads - Individualism and the Christian Alternative


Crossroads - The Bible and Gender


Crossroads - The Problem of Suffering

  An article for the Baptist Convention of New England (BCNE) was written linking to and expanding on this episode. You can find that article HERE

Crossroads - The Cross of Christ

What is Easter Sunday all about?

Easter. It is the day Christians around the globe and throughout history celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It is not simply that he came back to life again after dying, a sort of reanimation, but that he was resurrected into an incorruptible and renewed body.  But there is more. Christians believe God is going to similarly restore this entire broken world. He does it by renewing all his creation at a climactic future day. What evidence do we have of this? For one, the resurrection of Jesus. He is the first-fruits of what is coming. What about humanity, do we get restored? Those united to Jesus Christ by faith will one day rise as he did. While the Scriptures teach that our spirits go to be with God immediately after death, to be apart from the body is to be present with the Lord, that has never really been the Christian hope. There will be a final resurrection. On that day, all those in Christ will rise as well in an incorruptible and renewed body. That's wh