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Leaving Las Vegas

I jotted down some thoughts after leaving Las Vegas and moving on to the next leg of our sabbatical. First let me say, there is a lot of good fun to be had here. I had a blast! The restaurants, shops, tours and weather are topnotch. Many people call "the meadows" home, and raise a family here. But, in this reflection I want to dwell on the doctrine of sin for a few moments.

Las Vegas embraces sin. It is literally called “Sin City.“ Prostitution is legal in parts of Nevada (though officially not in Las Vegas). Their slogan was (I think they’ve changed it now) “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” suggesting to visitors they should go a little wild. Even Forbes published an article, Why Las Vegas is Still America’s Most Sinful City.
However, sin is not worse here, it is just more evident. What is veiled in other places around the world is brought out into the open on The Strip. And, when something is out in the open, it can be more clearly examined.

You would need to be bli…