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“How to Find a Church” Endorsements

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“Rick Harrington's book How to Find a Church is an excellent and informative read. The titles of each chapter clearly outline the steps a person would take in understanding the value of church, and in finding the proper one for themselves. Various scenarios are openly discussed in both truth and humor, highlighting the complexity of the human soul's search for belonging.”

Pastor Rick Amendola, New Life Christian Assembly of God.

"In a winsome, concise and uncanny way, Pastor Rick Harrington takes the confusion, anxiety, and weirdness out of finding a church family.  I encourage those that have given up looking for a faith community or those actively seeking a faith community to read How to Find a Church to assist them in their journey to the relational joys of life together in Christ's Church."

The Reverend Canon Brian Bethke, the Anglican Diocese in New England.

“Choosing a local church can be one of the most formative decisions a person makes. However, most of us have no idea where to start and what to look for. Trying to find a church is like trying to buy a house. Although there are literally hundreds or even thousands of options within a community, it is frustrating to search when nothing feels like home. Rick Harrington helps us focus our attention and narrow our search by helping us identify what is important, what can be discarded and most importantly--how to recognize a good foundation. Using practical wisdom, common experiences, and deep biblical wisdom (without the big theological words), Rick shows how we can move from ‘getting out of the house’ to finding a community we are excited to call home.”   

Pastor Jason Bunger, Hope Church of Dayton, OH.

“Finding a church can be scary. Will it accept irregular attendees who might not know when to kneel or respond to the liturgy? Will I understand the church’s teaching? In this devotional Rick Harrington gives an easy and understandable guide to finding a church and making it a meaningful part of our spiritual lives. It’s worth taking time to read and reflect on.”

Dr. Terry W. Dorsett, Executive Director, Baptist Convention of New England.

“If you buy a car without knowing anything about cars, don't be surprised if you end up with a lemon! Pastor Rick Harrington doesn't want you to make the same mistake when choosing a new church. How to Find a Church is a brief, easy-to-read guide on the basics of churches: From what to look for on a church website to how to get involved when you find a good one. This little book could make a big difference in your life.”

Pastor Dave Hammer, Danville Baptist Church.

“Pastor Rick loves the Church of Jesus Christ and has provided an easy to follow roadmap not only to find a local church, but how to be part of a healthy one. He is right that churches are flawed communities that God uses to showcase His beautiful grace in Jesus. I encourage you to listen to Rick and consider reading this brief guide as part of your next step in the journey."

Pastor Dave Herring, Cornerstone Church of Plaistow, NH.

“Pastor Rick will make you feel that you are in a one-on-one conversation in front of a warm fire. He accomplishes what he sets out to do when he says, ‘Let me help you out.’ You are going to find that he will actually be ‘helping you in’ to the only institution on earth that will last forever. Are you thinking about connecting with a church? Rick’s seven steps will prepare you for one of the best decisions you have ever made.”

Pastor Frank Jewett, Advent Christian Church.

“Are you looking for a good church? You need to read this excellent book first, written by Pastor Rick Harrington, How to Find a Church. He lays out seven biblical steps to finding a great church. Every Christian needs a church family in a good biblically-based community. This excellent and informative book points out step-by-step how to find that church home that the Lord has for you.”

Pastor Craig Mattheson, Changing Lives Christian Church.

“Pastor Rick has written a readable, practical, and humorous guide for those seeking to find and engage with a church home. I appreciated his encouragement to ‘see this whole search process as a spiritual experience in and of itself.’ His honesty about the church is refreshing, and his deep love for the church shines through.”

Rev. Dr. Mary Day Miller, Executive Minister, the American Baptist Church of Massachusetts.

“Pastor Rick has written a great little book that clearly explains simple and easy steps anyone can take to find a good church. If you’ve been out of the church awhile, or never tried church at all, give this book a quick read. It’s mercifully short but full of lots of helpful tips.”

Pastor Jonathan Romig, Cornerstone Congregational Church.

"In his book How to Find a Church, Pastor Rick Harrington provides an honest, easy-to-read blueprint for finding and belonging to a faith community. With a combination of laugh-out-loud humor and piercing insight, Pastor Rick takes the mystery and fear out of church hopping and gently offers encouragement and hope. Many of the ways we connect today seem to lack depth and endurance. This book is a refreshing reminder that great churches exist in your own back yard.”

Pastor Matt Webel, Highrock Church Haverhill.

“Rick has plenty of gems in this small but yet powerful book. It can be scary and hard to find a faith community that speaks to the seeker. I believe this book helps break down any questions people may have about joining a fellowship. If you need any type of direction don’t hesitate to read this book.”

Pastor Kenneth Young, Director of External Relationships, Massachusetts Council of Churches.

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