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Buck up, Do something fun, Forget about Politics

Below is my letter to the editor for the Eagle Tribune. For the direct link, click  HERE It's time for the majority of us to take a break from politics.  Politics was never meant to be our obsessive focus or the sole purpose of our lives.  Indeed, politics at its best is what makes the life of the average citizen better, safer and more successful in her or his own endeavors.  Maybe your candidate for president lost; maybe he won. Take a deep breath. Now let it go.  Get back to enjoying your life: spend time with your family this Thanksgiving, get involved in your church helping the community, tidy-up your ski equipment or tune in to your favorite sitcom. Life will go on, and likely without much impact on your life.  I don't mean this election doesn't matter. It will have long-standing effects on our nation, for better or for worse. But that doesn't mean anyone needs to fall into a deep depression and let this consume their lives.  Enjoy the

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