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Sorry, Nice try though.

Perhaps you’ve seen this statement floating around the internet. Maybe you’ve read it on Facebook or a blog, or someone showed it to you. It is interesting, succinct and engaging. It is also almost entirely inaccurate. Let’s break it down. “Jesus was a radical nonviolent revolutionary who hung around with lepers, hookers and crooks; wasn’t American and never spoke English;” Okay, I could be nitpicky, but this line is basically true. “was anti-wealth,” Nowhere does it describe Jesus as anti-wealth. In fact, he often spoke of money and the need to use it well for the kingdom, but never condemned wealth. He certainly opposed treating money as an idol. He himself received gold at his birth and was financially supported by a number of wealthy women in particular (Luke 8:1-3). “anti-death penalty,” Nope. Jesus spoke about personal non-retaliation in the Sermon on the Mount, or against hypocritical and vigilante justice concerning the woman who was to be stoned for adult

Another Featured Article for First Baptist Church in the Haverhill Gazette!

To check out the article click  HERE Here is the info I submitted, some of which was used: Brief Recap of our 250-Year Celebration for the Eagle Tribune This year we celebrate our 250-year anniversary. Yes, you read that right. Back in 1765 a fiery Baptist pastor by the name of Hezekiah Smith founded the first Baptist church in Haverhill, aptly named First Baptist Church. Our charter is signed by John Hancock, at the time governor of Massachusetts. The church has an unbroken line of members dating back to before the Declaration of Independence, through the Civil War, onto both World Wars, enduring the Great Depression and witnessing the events of September 11, 2001. On October 17, we gathered for a time of celebration with a vision, “Grateful for what God has done, excited about what God is doing.” It was a valuable time to reflect on First Baptist Church’s long history and God’s grace. Transport yourself back into the mid-18th century. Pedestrians strolled and horses galloped

Faith in Haverhill with Alex Burgess

Identity Crisis

Questions of identity dominate the headlines. The "hero" Bruce Jenner has redefined his identity as the heroine Caitlyn, while Rachel Dolezal identifies herself not as the race she was born as, but as a culturally black woman. Our parents told us, “You can be anything you want to be.” I don’t think they expected us to take them so literally. The real question is, who has the right to determine our identity? Is it our society? Are we determined by whatever role we play in the larger community? This has been tried and retried, and always found wanting. Is it our families? In many cultures, children live to live up to their parents’ dreams and expectations. There is something truly noble, and yet simultaneously very base about this. Is it the self? Doubtless this has filled the vacuum for our culture. William Ernest Henley’s poem has sadly become our battle cry, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.” I fear the moral bankruptcy of individualism will event

Faith in Haverhill with Craig Mattheson

Faith in Haverhill Episode 4 (Dave Herring)

Faith in Haverhill Episode 3 (Danny Ovalle)

Faith in Haverhill Episode 2 (Paul Buckley)

FBC in the Haverhill Gazette

FBC gets  Front Page coverage on our 250 year anniversary and our goal to impact Haverhill for Jesus!  Here is the original article I wrote for the paper, part of which was used.  We also appeared in the editorial concerning our city's Heroin Fight What's all that construction at First Baptist Church all about? You know, the tall red brick one on Main Street?  You may have noticed the new parking lot across from the CVS on Arlington Street.  You may also have noticed the drywall trucks, the heating system vehicles and the A/V equipment vans parked out front.  It’s the place that offers free clothes and bathroom supplies during the week, and free meals on Sunday afternoon.  You may have thought, “What is going on at that church?” First Baptist Church is an old church This year we celebrate our 250 year anniversary.  Yes, you read that right.  Back in 1765 a fiery Baptist pastor by the name of Hezekiah Smith founded the first Baptist church in Haverhill, aptly name

Faith in Haverhill Episode 1 (Mitch Forman)