"As she stood looking at it, wondering why there was a lamp-post in the middle of a wood and wondering what to do next, she heard a pitter patter of feet coming toward her..." (C S Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia)

Thursday, April 10, 2014


Here are some leadership axioms I wrote down a few years back.  These are principles to live and minister by!

1. Scripture always trumps (tradition, feelings, opinions, etc.)

2. Preaching nourishes other ministries

3. Faithfulness before faddishness

4. Take time to pray over issues

5. Simplify as much as possible

6. Openness is the best policy

7. Mentoring means being with people

8. See it from the perspective of the outsider

9. Bless your enemies, critics, and opponents

10. Love is a good guide

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