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A Poem I wrote for my church for Maundy Thursday

A deep sorrow could be felt in the Upper Room Silent and unspoken it spoke of His doom Jesus lifted the bread off the table and gave it a tear Around to the disciples he passed it to share “This is my body, it is broken for you" By His death He is able to make all things new. Then he took the cup and said with a stare, “This cup is for you,” and he passed it with care. “It is the sign of a new covenant by my blood shed,” He drank it with us as he lowered his head With a sense of wonder and awe we all left the table Off to Gethsemane, urging, “Pray while you’re able” Not long after he would be betrayed by a kiss A devising of Judas straight from the abyss They chained him and beat him and took him by night We disciples panicked and ran in a cowardly flight Soon they took him before the Council in an unjust court The verdict was pre-determined and the trial was short “Off to the Romans,” to make them do the dirt Spoke up Caia