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Books to Read Before You Die

In my opinion, all these: And at least one book by John Piper (preferably one of these):

The Shack versus The Bible

When there is enough buzz about a popular book impacting Christians, I try to read it to get a gist of it so I can comment knowledgably about it. The Shack is the newest thing down the pipe. At first, I resisted buying the book and spending the time it would take to read it. I heard a couple of guys I respect (e.g.  Albert Mohler ) talk about all the theological problems with the book, and that was enough for me (see also Michael Youssef's condemnation ). But as more and more buzz grew about the book, I realized I should read it myself. I just finished it Tuesday. I once heard it said that poison is most dangerous when it looks like something edible, such as candy. When poison sits in an ominous bottle with a skull and crossbones on the label, few are tempted to drink it. However, if poison were sitting in a candy bowl on the coffee table and looked like M & Ms it is much more dangerous. The Shack, I think, has enough poison in it to kill but comes packaged like candy coated