"As she stood looking at it, wondering why there was a lamp-post in the middle of a wood and wondering what to do next, she heard a pitter patter of feet coming toward her..." (C S Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Stuff Happens by Religion

I loved this (yes I changed the word 'stuff' from an expletive)

Buddhism: If stuff happens, it's not really stuff.

Islam:If stuff happens, it's the will of Allah.

Hinduism: This stuff happened before.

Judaism: Why does this stuff always happen to us?

Catholicism: Stuff happens because you're bad.

T.V. Evangelism: Send more stuff.

Atheism: No stuff.

Jehovah's Witness: Knock knock, stuff happens.

Christian Science: Stuff happens in your mind.

Agnosticism: Maybe stuff happens, maybe it doesn't.

Existentialism: What is stuff anyway?

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