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The Boston Celtics and life

I'm a huge Celtics fan. Been one since I was a boy. This year was magical for me to see the Celtics win the whole thing. I'm glad the season is over, for the simple reason that I spent way too much time watching games (pre-season, season, and post-season). But I have to say I learned alot about life and ministry from watching the Celtics. I'm serious, this isn't a stretch either. In fact, Jess was telling me how happy she was that she could point to the Celtics as a model for sportsmanship in talking to our son. Here's a list of characteristics that I think the Celtics displayed that transfer over to other aspects of life: 1) Be willing to make big changes. The celtics were the 2nd worse team in the league last year until they made HUGE changes in the off season. They basically pulled a 180 in terms of their game plan and took enormous risks. Jobs, futures, big money, and whatever else was on the line, and they did it anyway. They took a lot of heat for it. 2) Lea